Case Study – GiGi’s Playhouse Website Redesign

Website Redesign Case Study

Product: Multipress WordPress Site

Challenge: GiGi’s Playhouse, a non-profit Down syndrome awareness center, was outgrowing their  current website. When it was first created there were only 4 locations, today they have 12 locations. They needed a better way of organizing and presenting their information. Their goals in the web site re-design process were as follows:

  • Improve the flow of the site.
  • Create better organization for the locations.
  • Create a blog for each location that integrated with the website.
  • Have better optimization for search engines.
  • Add a content management system that each location could update themselves.


Results: JL Design created a Multipress WordPress site. This way all locations could have their own blog and mini-sites while still  being connected to the main site. All the sites use the same main navigation menu so the locations are still tied to the main organization. Making them multi-sites also helps with keeping everything updated.

Conclusion: So far the new format is working nicely. Visitors are able to find the information quickly and easily with the new multi-page format for each location. In the past month there has been a 15% increase in search engine traffic.

See the new GiGi’s Playhouse website live here.


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