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5 Reasons You Need a Website Redesign

Your website is your company’s digital home and number one marketing tool. It’s the “face” of your brand in the digital world, and if your site isn’t showing your brand in its strongest light, it could be time for a redesign. Redesigning your website can range from a few strategic tweaks and some new tools…

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5 Quick SEO Tips for Better Google Ranking in 2017

Search engines come and go, but Google remains the undisputed king of search — and ranking well on Google is key to business success. But that success depends on staying one step ahead of Google’s constantly changing algorithms. With Google’s latest updates in mind, here are five tips for better ranking on the world’s biggest…

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Is your website ready for the upcoming Google Changes?

Google SSL certificate

Google Will Be Noting Unsecure Sites in Search in the Upcoming Year If your website isn’t secure, with a certificate to prove it, you could soon start taking a hit in the all-important Google search rankings. The search giant has just announced another step in a campaign to persuade site owners to use the secure…

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WordPress Webinar Replay

Thanks to everyone for attending my WordPress Q & A webinar. Questions that were answered: How to use WordPress Menus Using side bar menus Adding categories to your side bar Using SEO Yoast Getting the right images to show on Facebook Changing your tagline on your blog Keeping your WordPress site secure Click below to…

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Why should I move my Blogger site to WordPress

Like many when you are starting out blogging you probably go with a free version of what is out there and for many bloggers that means you are on Google’s Blogger platform. Now don’t get me wrong Blogger is still a great platform but WordPress does have a few advantages over Blogger. Why should you switch…

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5 Quick Tips to Buying a Domain Name

As more are looking to the internet for searching and researching, it is becoming a necessity to have a web presense. So it’s important to get off on the right foot. Below are a few quick tips about domain names. 1. Buy your own domain name *very important* So you have decided to take the plunge…

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