Are you seeing Stars? ★★★★★

starsIf you are like me you started seeing stars appearing under your Facebook Page name. What are they? They are part of the rating system that Facebook has had in place for some time now. What’s new is the placement of these ratings. They have been predominant in the mobile app for while but currently they are rolling out the new placement on desktop viewers  (see photo for new placement).

Overall I do like rating systems, they give the consumer a voice and as a business owner you can see how others view your services. The downfall of course is that people abuse these in one form or another. Also I wish Facebook would let you see all ratings, it would be helpful in business planning. Currently it’s up to the consumer to decide if you (and others) will be able to see the rating and comment.

I will be keeping mine but read below if you would like to turn off the star display on your page.

How do you get rid of the stars on your Facebook Page?

If you prefer not to allow ratings and reviews on your Page, you can remove your Page’s address. To remove your address follow these steps:

  • At the top of your Page, click Edit Page
  • Select update page info
  • click address
  • edit your address
  • click on save changes

Instructions came from Facebook here

Want to leave a rating? You can find instructions on that here.

What do you think? Do ratings affect your decision?


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