Conquering the dreaded task of content creation for Facebook

We all know that daunting task of making up content for Facebook, but with the advances of Facebook’s Graph Search posting is even more important as well as gaining fans and encouraging engagement.

With a little practice you can do this with minimal time and a little planning!

Microsoft Word - facebook planner.dotx

Many of you probably start out the day staring at that blank box and think ‘what the heck am I going to post today.” I know I used to. A great practice to get into is sitting down once a week and plan everything out for the entire week. Use Facebook’s scheduler (or a 3rd party scheduler) and set them for the entire week. Then just once or twice a day go back in and monitor activity. Be sure to address any questions or comments that have been posted to your page.

I did make a handy little sheet to help organize your thoughts, you can download this free planner here. It might be a great idea to make one for each week for the month and then add in posts as you think of them or for any events you know are coming up. Less then for you to do that week 🙂

Hired Helper-

facebook post plannerIf it’s in your budget, it sometimes helps to have some help with posts. Recently I signed up for Post Planner and it has been a great time saver and helper of post ideas. They have a library of 10,000 different questions, quotes and fill in the blank posts that can be used to raise your engagement.

The application also lets you schedule posts for your groups.


What other helpers do you use, post in the comments below.

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