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I’m sure you have probably noticed the posts and quotes about Marie Forleo that I have been posting. About a year ago I enrolled her B-School and as an entrepreneur it was probably one of the best choices I made (only next to the decision to become an entrepreneur).  The program is almost like 4 years of business school packed into an 8 week online workshop. Not only is the leadership great but the online community of others is a wonderful inspiration!

If you are thinking about taking your business to the next level or trying to get yours off the ground I would highly recommend this course.

what_is_bschoolThere’s only three more days until Marie Forleo’s B-School closes its doors to new members.  Monday, March 4th at 3pm EST is the deadline. Since this program only happens once a year I didn’t want you to miss out.

I wanted to highlight two important things about B-School that make it different than anything else out there.

Marie’s curriculum is incredibly comprehensive, but in addition to that…

B-School has something that that is essential for any thriving business owner… a hugely supportive community.

B-School comes with a worldwide network of entrepreneurs who are committed to growing themselves and their businesses for all the right reasons. If you’ve ever felt alone in your pursuit for awesomeness, the B-School community will change your life.

(You can hear this right from the grads here — hugely inspiring.)

The other thing is that all members of B-School get LIFETIME ACCESS to the program.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re feeling like you’re not “ready” yet or if you’re traveling – you should really get in on this now.

The next 12 months is going to pass either way.  You’ll either be waaay further in terms of your growth and progress, or you won’t.

The free sample B-School training videos are still up but only until March 4th, so be sure to go see them here- http://www.rhhbschool.com/?orid=2721&opid=31.


Now for the Bonuses!

If you sign up through my affiliate link I will give you a few great bonuses!

Bonus 1 – A Free logo design/redesign – A $425 Value

This includes designing your logo, handing off the various final files and a style guide when completed.

Bonus 2 – One on one GoTo Meeting session on Facebook or WordPress training (for 1 hour, a $125 value).


P.S. Remember, enrollment ends Monday, March 4th, don’t miss out! You can register here now.


Important Note: This offer is valid ONLY if you use the links on this page to sign up for B-school. 

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